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Have you heard about the Aha Ott platform?

OTT apps are now practically shaking the Indian market with their great content, including movies, web shows, and other entertainment content. Indian apps such as ALT Balaji, Zee5, MX Player, and Netflix began to gain momentum in the market due to their success. Even though all of these apps purchase Telugu content, there is no Telugu-specific app. Working on that front, mega-producer Allu Arvind has shocked the world with his aha,’ the first-ever OTT app dedicated solely to Telugu content. To begin with, the mega-producer surprised everyone because Telugu producers seldom use technology in their films.¬†

What content can you see in the Aha OTT platform?

The Aha Ott platform contains all of Geetha Arts’ movies, making it well worth your time to subscribe. In terms of web series, it seems that they have focused solely on pushing a large amount of content into the app rather than concentrating on quality content. The much-hyped Krish’sMastis didn’t disappoint, despite the lack of emotional punch in the material. You can enjoy the Telugu movies watch online.

You can also get the latest GeethaSubrahmanyam web series, which sparked a frenzy on YouTube earlier this year, which is only partially satisfactory. Similarly, KothaPoradu is a Telangana-based series with a distinct regional flavor, but it fails to capture our attention. For the time being, it is admirable of Allu Arvind to provide such an entertaining forum for Telugu people to showcase their talents without fear of censorship. Maybe, down the road, Ahawill offer us new and original content, similar to what we see on Netflix or Amazon. 

Watch fantastic Johaar movie on Aha

There are five different stories in the Johar film. To win public support, a young CM (Krishna Chaitanya) wants to create a massive statue in his late father’s memory. A young athlete (NainaGanguly), a poor farmer (Eeswari Rao), a young girl (Esther), and an older man (SubhalekhaSudhakar) who runs an orphanage, on the other hand, are all negatively affected by this story.

Overall, Johaar is an intense drama with a brilliant premise. It’s a satire on various political parties’ disdain for the general interest in favor of their agendas. This definition is nicely developed in the film’s numerous stories. Except for the slow pace and repetitive second half, this film ends up being a decent watch thanks to its optimistic message and strong performances.

The film’s emotions are one of its most vital assets. They’re in the right spot because the emotional angle works well until the movie’s very end. The four stories are well-connected to the main plot, and the casting is excellent. The social message conveyed in the film is perfect. To begin with, Chaitanya Krishna is fantastic as an intelligent and cunning politician. He offers a good show and adds a lot of substance to the proceedings. SubhalekhaSudhakar and Eswari Rao, both veteran performers, do justice to their roles and fill the screen with their moving performances. Esther, the new heroine, is also very good on her part.

This movie is recommendable to watch by the experts.Similar to this there are ample amounts of other movies which you cannot afford to miss out.

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