Things or Issues while you First Begin Kawaii Clothes Shop Due To Science

Things or Issues while you First Begin Kawaii Clothes Shop Due To Science

The main purpose of the game is to serve as an organizer for young girls, which can be used to keep track of appointments, class schedules, and diary entries. Sayaka is awestruck by Ayase and is disappointed in the misperception that Ayase started dating Kyosuke because Ayase visits Kyosuke’s house every day during his mock exam. Kamiya asks Izumi at the moment how he started dating Shikimori. Taiki gives his goggles to Tagiru and then requests him to hunt Quartzmon with the power of their predecessors. Quartz af, after transforming into his true self, reveals that he had used Ryouma to obtain enough Digimon data to build his own body. Then, he merged into it and began digging underground to scan the Earth digitally.

With Quartzmon reduced to a DigiEgg and everything restored and restored, the DigiDestined, Tamers, Legendary Warriors, and DATS agents return to their worlds while the Xros Heart and Hunter Digimon go back to their respective human and Digital worlds. The Old Clock Store Owner explains that to defeat Quartzmon, one of the Digimon Hunters must prove him/herself more powerful than the others to acquire the Brave Snatcher, what remained of Bagramon. Then, they must infuse it with the abilities of Taiki and the five Legendary Heroes from other time-space universes who saved their own Digital Worlds. However, as the six heroes get ready to battle Ryouma and Astamon to take on Quartzmon, Ryouma suddenly knocks down Taiki and OShoutmon with the Brave Snatcher while revealing that he’s allied with Quartzmon and his ultimate goal is the mass murder of humanity and creating DigiQuartz the new human world.

They are fighting an army of Myotismon clones that emerged from Quartzmon; Xros Heart forms Shoutmon DX, XrosUpBallistamon with Deputymon, XrosUpDorulumon with PawnChessmon XrosUpTsuwamon with SuperStarmon, and XrosUpMervamon with Beelzemon. The battle turns ugly when some Myotismon transforms into MaloMyotismon, and a kawaii clothes group VenomMyotismon. Masaru aids OShoutmon in fighting some MaloMyotismon while Imperialdramon is in Fighter Mode to end the VenomMyotismon. As they struggle, the Producer eats some sweets given to him by Kirari while another idol encourages them to smile more. To identify the card using a name, Sakura uses the cards by naming the card the Mirror. Riki defeats Masato by using a net to distract him.

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